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Ajwain / Carom Seed - 100 gms

Ajwain / Carom Seed - 100 gms

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Ajwain is known for its medicinal properties and has long been used in traditional Indian medicine for its health benefits. Ajwain powder or raw ajwain immediately relives indigestion. It can also reduce liver cholesterol content.


    • Adds a distinctive, pungent flavor to bread, snacks, and various Indian dishes.
    • Used in parathas, pakoras, and lentil-based preparations for its strong aroma and taste.
    • Used in Ayurvedic practices to ease cold symptoms, coughs, and congestion.


    • Alleviates indigestion and bloating, aiding in digestion after heavy meals.
    • Consumed as a remedy for stomach-related issues like acidity and flatulence.

    Ingredients & Shelf Life

    9 Months

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