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Kala Namak / Black Salt - 100 gms

Kala Namak / Black Salt - 100 gms

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MMasala Box Co.'s Black Salt adds a unique taste to Indian dishes. It has a tangy, earthy flavor that makes snacks and curries taste better. It's full of minerals and is used in many different recipes to give them a special taste.


    • Sprinkle it on fruits, salads, or snacks like chaats for a tangy flavor boost.
    • Adds a distinct taste to yogurt-based dishes, lassis, or buttermilk-based drinks.
    • Essential in street food classics like chaat, chutneys, and various Indian snacks for its unique taste.


    • Rich in minerals, it may help balance electrolytes, supporting hydration and overall health.
    • Applied topically or used in baths, it's believed to help soothe skin conditions due to its mineral content.
    • Thought to help remove toxins from the body, supporting detoxification processes.

    Ingredients & Shelf Life

    9 Months

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