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Hari Chutney Mix - 60 gms

Hari Chutney Mix - 60 gms

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MMasala Box Co.'s Instant Hari Chutney Mix. Packed with the essence of fresh dried Himalayan Mint, this powdered blend offers instant access to the zesty, refreshing taste of traditional Hari Chutney. Perfect for adding a burst of freshness to your meals in no time.

Instructions: Add 3tsp of water to 1tsp of our Hari Chutney Mix


  • Pairs perfectly with samosas, pakoras, or chaat, enhancing their flavors.
  • Elevates the taste of sandwiches or wraps, offering a zesty and fresh kick.
  • Serves as a base for dips or sauces, complementing kebabs or grilled dishes.


  • Herbs like mint in the chutney may aid digestion and alleviate indigestion or gas.
  • Mint, a primary ingredient, may offer a soothing effect, potentially aiding in calming an upset stomach.
  • Acts as a healthier alternative to high-calorie sauces or dressings, offering flavor without added sugars or fats.

Ingredients & Shelf Life

Coriander, Mint, Heeng, Deghi Mirch, Yellow Chili, Black Peppercorn, Cumin Seeds, Mango Powder, Salt, Tartaric, Ajwain, Ginger Powder, Black Salt

Shelf life- 9 Months

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