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Laal Mass Mix - 100 gms

Laal Mass Mix - 100 gms

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Traditional Rajasthani Non-Veg Curry, getting its taste from the colour and fiery spices. It is certain that Junglee Maas led to the birth of Laal Maas. Both these dishes were invented by the hansamas who cooked at the kitchen of the Mewars of Rajasthan.

Succulent meat, was hot and had a sweet after taste. What makes the Laal Maas unique is its red colour obtained through the use of mathania chilli. This chilli gets its name from the place it is grown in – Mathania village of Jodhpur district in Rajasthan.



  • Essential spice mix used to create the base for Laal Maas, infusing the curry with its signature fiery red color and robust flavor.
  • Used as a marinade for meats, particularly lamb or goat, enhancing the meat's flavor profile.
  • Utilized by gourmet cooks and enthusiasts seeking to recreate the authentic taste of Laal Maas.


  • As a meat-based dish, Laal Maas provides high-quality proteins essential for muscle health and overall body function.
  • Source of Essential Nutrients
  • Some spices in the curry, such as red chilies, can potentially aid in boosting metabolism.

Ingredients & Shelf Life

  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Green Cardamom
  • Black Cardamom
  • Black Salt
  • Coriander
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Red Chillies
  • Turmeric
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